1968 Message from Dragnet’s Joe Friday DESTROYS Liberals

History is repeating itself once again folks – or at least life is imitating art. This more than 40-year-old clip from Dragnet still applies to the snowflake millennials of today!

“Don’t think you have a corner on all the virtue and vision in the country or that everyone else is fat and selfish and you’re the first generation to come along that’s felt dissatisfied,” said the old Dragnet clip depicting a lecture to young hooligans.

The petulant children who entertain us at the movies and the whining sore losers who have been protesting since Donald Trump DEFEATED Hillary Clinton probably don’t realize they are nothing more than a “rerun.” The aging hippies protesting alongside them have been waiting for decades to dust off their Birkenstocks and walk the streets, declaring their angst once again.

The snowflakes and their cohorts should take the pearls of wisdom uttered by Sgt. Joe Friday (played by Jack Webb) to heart… but they won’t. Logic, reason, and reflection are not liberal strong suits.

“They all have [past generations] you know, about different things. And most of them didn’t have the same opportunity and freedoms that you do,” Sgt. Joe Friday continued.

Liberal youth think life is just so hard and unfair, and they want to protect themselves from ever hearing or seeing anything which might offend their delicate sensibilities. If the snowflakes had not been protected from the harsh realities of life throughout their entire existence, they would have learned from their past failures how to deal with defeat, and perhaps they would even developed a work-ethic, ensuring they’d have little time to author so many “woe is me” posts on social media.

The millennial youth of today are having the same uninformed knee-jerk reactions to national and world events as the youth depicted in this Dragnet clip. Facts did not matter to the youth protesting 40 years ago, and they do not matter to the snowflakes of today either.

Most of them don’t even know why they are protesting, not really. If you pose even a few mundane questions to them about Trump’s policies, the Constitution, or how the United States government functions, they just look at you with blank stares before shouting more of their ridiculous liberal chants.

Poor parenting is to blame for the pampered and self-involved youth of today, but that is only part of the problem. The liberal indoctrination of our schools, from elementary to the college level, has had a wretched influence on the minds of young Americans.

Until the past eight years or so, the primary reasons parents had for homeschooling their children were religious convictions. Now, many if not most homeschool parents have expressed concerns about the anti-American bias in our public schools and the dangerous liberal culture that has evolved in public learning institutions.

Donald Trump’s win has offered us a chance to take our society, schools, and our country back. It’s a LAST chance—we cannot allow our representatives to blow it!

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