BREAKING – Mexico Finally Caves, Tells Trump They’re Willing To Do THIS

The liberals have been hitting Trump supporters with attacks, saying that we, the American people, are going to be paying for the wall, but this is not necessarily the case.

Mexico has stated they are now willing to negotiate with President-elect Donald Trump. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) talks should begin as soon as possible once Trump is inaugurated, via Associated Press.

Renegotiation of NAFTA is something that many of the American people have wanted because the agreement has benefited other countries more than it has benefited the United States or the American people.

The president of Mexico, Luis Videgaray, has stated that there’s an “enormous uncertainty” now that Trump is the incoming president. Trump has met with companies and got them to stay in the US. Those who still choose to move to or remain in Mexico will be heavily taxed if they plan to bring their goods to the US.

Videgaray stated in an interview that Trump’s actions are concerning, and “that is why this [negotiation] process is so important, to dispel this uncertainty.” That’s why Mexico wants to move forward quickly with the NAFTA talks.

Mexico’s peso has been decreasing since Trump was elected. It now equals one American dollar to an interbank rate of 21.73. Videgaray is trying to preserve jobs in his own country and thinks negotiations would also benefit Mexico.

Although President-elect Trump has stated that Mexico will be paying for the wall bordering the U.S. and Mexico, Videgaray has not confirmed this. He has claimed that this is “unacceptable,” so it is still unclear who will actually be paying for the wall.

But one thing is for sure—NAFTA will be negotiated. That is heartening at least because a fairer deal should be in place instead of the one currently in place, and a better agreement can be reached.

NAFTA has led to the direct loss of many American jobs because labor is cheaper in Mexico, and as a result, the companies that did not move to Mexico had to greatly suppress their employees’ usual wages.

Farmers in Mexico were also put out of business by NAFTA. They lost 1.3 million farm jobs, according to The Balance. NAFTA removed the trade tariffs Mexico put on grain. So, the U.S. could export corn and grains to Mexico cheaply, and Mexican farmers could not keep up.

NAFTA needs to be changed, not just for the American people but for Mexico as well. When it was created 20 years ago, it only made matters worse. You can thank the Democrats for that. With Donald Trump, better agreements will be reached, and the wall will be built one way or another. America is truly going to be great again!

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