Here’s the EXACT Moment Democrats Were UNMASKED Last Night…

Anyone who watched the president’s speech last night is now fully aware Dems held a hard line by putting politics over country and were just outright disrespectful at times.

President Trump took a moment to recognize the widow of Justice Scalia last night, and even as the remaining Supreme Court Justices broke tradition and stood to applaud her, most of the Democrats sat on their hands and refused to take part in the moment…

That is now two Americans who devoted their lives to our country the Dems saw fit to disrespect simply because they do not like Donald Trump.

Simply put, there was no reason to do this.

Justice Scalia was a man who was well-respected by both the left and the right, yet the Dems in office once again drew the party line and refused to honor his wife simply because it was Trump calling for them to do so.

And in case you didn’t notice, there was also a protest of sorts by the ladies of Congress during his speech.

All of the Democrat women in attendance wore white to support women’s rights.

I am a little confused about this, though, as I don’t recall Trump EVER taking any rights away from women at all. And if I am not mistaken, it was a Republican who actually introduced the 19th Amendment for the first time, and it was voted down by the Democrats who controlled Congress at the time.

As great as Trump’s speech was last night, very few Dems saw fit to find even a single instance they could cheer, and that included this moment, honoring the widow of a fallen SEAL, and jobs creation.

For the most part, all the Dems did last night was prove they are ignorant and deeply entrenched in that swamp that is so badly in need of draining.

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