Michael Moore Offers to Pay Fines for Rogue Electors, But He Forgot 1 Thing!

Michael Moore is perhaps the loudest liberal sore loser to surface in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s DEFEAT by Donald Trump.

Moore has promised to pay the $1,000 fine for each faithless elector who is willing to “vote your conscience” later today when the Electoral College meets. Such an offer amounts to bribery!

Michael Moore and his liberal ilk have not taken into consideration that the electors can vote their conscience AND cast a ballot for Donald Trump. Only liberal elitists would be arrogant enough to think the two things are mutually exclusive.

Consider, if you were an elector, would you not feel obligated by your conscience to vote as instructed by the people? I sure would.

“Why not choose a president who won’t try to please Moscow, someone who believes the threat of terrorism is real, and demands to be briefed on it daily? Why not let history record your moment of true courage and patriotism?” Moore said in a post to his Facebook page.

If Moore actually believes what he wrote, he is truly delusional. Clinton has received millions of dollars from the Saudis. It isn’t in her best interests to be tough on radical Muslims and terrorism.

Neither Obama nor Hillary Clinton will even utter the phrase, “radical Islamic terrorism.” When Obama broke bread with the Communist leaders of Cuba, liberals like Michael Moore applauded his efforts.

They did the same earlier in his Oval Office tenure when he promised to speak with any leader, from any nation, who wanted to speak to him in an effort to improve relations with the United States. Donald Trump uttered a willingness to do the same with Russia and spoke with respect of the country’s leader — that’s all.

Even if the anti-Trumpers could sway 37 Republican electors to vote against Donald Trump, instead of the one faithless elector they now have, the president-elect would still ultimately become the 45th Oval Office holder.

Unless the 37 GOP electors all cast for Hillary Clinton, which isn’t likely to happen, neither candidate would hit the 270 mark necessary to become the next president of the United States. Should that happen, the House of Representatives would decide who would begin occupying the White House.

The GOP-controlled House sure isn’t going to choose the former first lady either. Michael Moore deserves credit for one thing though. Even when his liberal brethren and their pals in the mainstream media had Hillary up in the polls and felt a Donald Trump win was impossible, the filmmaker saw the writing on the wall and predicted a Trump victory.

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