JUST IN: MS-13 Gang Issues Sick Threat to Trump – Pray For America

The Trump Administration is cracking down on MS-13, the international gang which has been established in at least 42 states. It looks like they are trying to bite back, but they will regret it soon enough.

CNN interviewed a member of MS-13, who said that “They feel like they can do whatever they want because Trump himself has made everybody fear. All the immigrants they feel like if they go to the police or something, they [are] getting deported.” How did CNN manage to meet up with members of MS-13 in the first place?

In another fake news move, CNN reported the words of a gang member and tried to spin off of as factual. IMMIGRANTS are not afraid to be here. Legal immigrants have no problems or supposed fears of police.

There is a legal method to get into this country. If people do not want to follow that method, like MS-13, they must be deported right back to their country of origin. Despite what they think, they are not entitled to live here and cause havoc in our communities.

MS-13 especially has no right to be here. They murder innocent people, record the event, upload it to the internet, and laugh and brag about it. These people should NOT be in our country. President Trump is working with Jeff Sessions and ICE to take these criminals out as soon as they cross our borders.

There are also laws in place to help KEEP them out once they are deported. Kate’s Law was recently passed, and it allows harsher sentencing on criminals return after deportation.

These savage murderers act like they are victims of a corrupt system. They need to realize that they WILL be caught, and they WILL be forced to pay for their crimes.

ICE director, Thomas Homan, announced that the agency is focusing on quickly deporting gang members. They know the danger that these terrorists pose to our country. Like President Trump and like the Patriots of this country, we want them out FOR GOOD.

Hard-working American families should not have to live in fear because these savages are standing on the street corner waiting for their next victim. We shouldn’t even be debating this issue. It should be common sense that violent gang members who illegally cross the border don’t belong here.

Democrats are trying to KEEP dangerous gang members in liberal populated cities under the guise of a “sanctuary city.” We, The People, have had ENOUGH.

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