WATCH – MSNBC Host Goes Off-Script, Admits TRUTH That No Trump-Hater Can Face

This election has shown more than ever before just exactly how intolerant liberals are when it comes to people who don’t agree with them, and even MSNBC is admitting it.

In this video, on Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough, they read off from a New York Times article that called out liberals and the hateful culture that they themselves have created, via Yes, I’m Right.

They remark on the fact that liberals are all about diversity when it comes to how others look but not when it comes to how others think.

And this is completely true. Out of all the people I have ever known, I have found that liberals are the most intolerant, the most hateful, and the most judgmental. They hate anyone who does not have the same mindset as they do.

And not only that, if someone doesn’t have the same view as they do, then they label that person as racist, sexist, Islamophobic, homophobic, and whatever else they can come up with at the time. All to defend their argument.

Heaven help you if you’re a white, straight, Christian patriot. That’s like asking for everyone to hate you and for liberals to be “offended” by everything you stand for—which is another thing they like to throw out there.

Christmas shows are cancelled, Christmas is demeaned, and Christians are forced to think about others before they post anything on their social media or decorate their yards with depictions of Jesus. Liberals cock their hips, scoff, and say, “It’s Happy Holidays because Merry Christmas is offensive to those who don’t celebrate it.”

And the American people are getting a little tired of the “holier than thou” attitude that liberals are carrying around with them—they think because they take extreme (i.e. melodramatic) offense to different viewpoints that things will change. Well, the world is full of disappointments. Deal with it.

College students argue with adults—nothing more than ignorant liberal kids who grew up with silver spoons in their mouths—preaching about racial and salary equality. As if they’ve ever had a job or experienced any type of hardship other than their allowance being a day late.

They want to burn flags and stamp it into the ground, unaware of the men and women who have died to defend it, who have been shot to keep it off the ground. We have liberals wanting to destroy a World War I monument created by mothers who lost their sons, and why? Because it’s in the shape of a cross.

Liberal college students need to realize they are hating on so-called “intolerance” and “prejudice” in the nation while being completely unaware of the fact that they themselves are intolerant and prejudicial. They are hateful of anyone who doesn’t share their views, and that’s not only offensive, but it’s hypocritical.

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