‘Conservative’ Fox News Owner Murdoch to Attend THIS Fundraiser, Proves Trump Right!

The “ultimate power party” is being hosted in one of the most affluent homes in the United Kingdom, according to Breitbart. And just who are the rich and powerful getting together to support? I am not sure if I am pissed or sickened!

Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch, who is supposed to be a true conservative,  is expected to turn up at a $2,700 per plate dinner in the United Kingdom benefiting Hillary Clinton.

Rupert Murdoch will be rubbing elbows with Obama supporters and the liberal elite of Hollywood, not exactly your “typical” Fox News viewers. Exactly why a fundraiser for an American presidential candidate is being held in Europe remains unclear.

Some folks believe the event illustrates just how out-of-touch Hillary is with middle class voters. She continues to say she will take care of minorities and hard working American’s, yet events like this, with big money donors, continue to take place!

The UK fundraiser will reportedly allow Clinton to network with some of the most wealthy United States bankers comprise a significant portion of the American community nestled in London as they work in the internatinal financial realm.

Rupert Murdoch is supposed to be the conservative cable news network owner – a champion of big government loathers and the fiscally responsible.

There is no sane reason for Murdoch to attend a fundraiser for any candidate while hosting supposedly fair and balanced debates.

Even if Murdoch does not attend the Hillary London fundraiser, has name has been tainted by just appearing on the guest list.

If the Fox News owner spends a single dime to sit at a table near Hillary Clinton, it just goes to show how biased he is not only against Trump, but the entire GOP! Yet, a network he owns is scheduled to host what may end up being one of the most important debates of the electoral season!

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