Muslim Butchers His Wife’s Face, Burns Her With Iron Because of Her 1 Request

Traditional Islamic marriages often give rise to horrific abuse. Cases such as the one below are the brutal truth of these people of which we need to make sure the people of this country are aware.

Twenty-year-old Gul Shifa said that her husband, Alamzeb, beat her for two years, in Manzera, Pakistan. One day she asked for a divorce, so her husband cut her nose off with a butcher’s knife. (via Tribune)

Shifa had tried returning to her parent’s house, but her father had always sent her back to her husband– blind to his own child’s cries of abuse.

When that didn’t work, Shifa decided to leave Alamzeb’s house, and not return to her parent’s house either.

She had made it 10 kilometers away from her home, by foot, when police found her. Instead of helping the poor girl, officers drove her back to her husband’s house.

When the officers brought Shifa home, Alamzeb beat her severely, and seemed to believe she had been with another man.

Then, her husband called a jirga, which is where a group of Islamic leaders make a decision about a problem, generally by consensus. Which means that all of the Islamic leaders called agreed that Shifa had not been with another man, but still could not leave her husband.

This is when the worst of the abuse occurred. Alamzeb locked Shifa in a room for days, burned her with hot irons, shaved her head, and eventually cut off her nose. Alamzeb even called in his brother, Rafique.

Clearly, the two brothers knew they had crossed a line even under Islamic law, and would not let Shifa go to the hospital for fear they would be brought to justice.

Still, after Shifa escaped, she had to go to two different police stations to find officers willing to arrest Alamzeb and Rafique. These officers sent Shifa for a medical examination, and promised they would file charges. As of now, only Rafique has been arrested. Alamzeb is still on the run.

Anyone who thinks that Islam is a peaceful religion, after hearing about this kind of abuse and how the society around poor Shifa simply accepted it, is truly delusion. Do you get it Liberals? This is why we don’t want them here!

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