Muslim ‘Refugees’ Say $6,000 a Month Isn’t Enough, Demand Taxpayers Do THIS For Them

While the arguments rage on in the United States about much needed entitlement, immigration and refugee absorption reforms, Middle Eastern refugees in one country are providing ample evidence of why we in the United States had better slow down where admitting refugees is concerned and reassess…quickly.

“An Afghanistan family of refugees, consisting of a Mom, Dad, and 9 children who range in age from 5-20 was welcomed into Austria recently. The family was given a [taxpayer-funded] subsidy to start their new life, to the tune of $6,406.45 a month. Their annual salary for doing nothing in Austria is $72,877.40,” reports the US Herald on-line publication.

The Austrian newspaper The Local, follows up with, “The couple said they want to have even more children…and they have requested IVF treatment, which in Austria can be provided by the health service which pays up to 70 percent of the costs.”

Authoritative data compiled by one on-line publication indicates less than three percent of Syrian refugees are capable and/or intellectually equipped to enter the job force. Afghanis come in just a bit better as less than five percent. Ethiopia, Sudan, and Pakistan all offer a refugee population that is devoid of skills completely.

We in the United States already shoulder a national financial burden stemming from illegal immigration. For decades, we have been covering the cost of healthcare, food stamps, and subsidized housing for those who have entered and remained in our country illegally.

We have also watched as the entitlement rolls have afforded more and more able-bodied Americans to literally feed at the public trough of taxpayer dollars for their entire lives. One study followed a middle-aged women in Philadelphia and concluded if she were to apply for every aid packaged afforded by the government – federal, state and county – she would be receiving the equivalent of making over $60,000 annually…for doing absolutely nothing.

Now we have the Obama Administration insisting that We the People absorb up to 200,000 Syrian refugees. This doesn’t take into account the refugees the United States has absorbed from Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and other locations in the Middle East where the people chant “Death to America” every Friday afternoon. Simple math shows us that at the Austrian rate of 72,000 a year per family of 11 (and we have to believe that the spendthrifts in Congress would allocate even more) the United States taxpayers – just for the 200,000 Syrian refugees – would be out over $1.2 billion.

We would all do well to understand the Cloward-Piven Strategy, a Progressive plan for radically changing the government economic and entitlement systems. It would appear should we finally get someone into the Oval Office to affect meaningful immigration, tax, and entitlement reforms (read: if we elect Donald Trump to the presidency), the Progressives will shift gears to implement it with refugees instead of the “victims” of poverty.

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