Unreal: Muslims on Food Stamps DEMAND They Be Given This…

Imagine not having any money and a friend goes out of his way to cook you a hot meal. Would you ever turn your head and say, “That really isn’t what I had in mind”?

Minnesota.CBSLocal.com previously published a story about Muslims freeloading off our American dollars and making demands on local food banks. I find this unacceptable.

Hey, at some point, all of our ancestors were immigrants, but I doubt any of them requested a specific pasta, sausage, potato, or vegetable in their charitable meals!

Well, that is exactly what a group of Muslim immigrants are doing! Not only are they NOT contributing to our society in any meaningful way, NOT only are they taking food stamps that could be going to vets who have defended this country, BUT they are now requesting specific menu items at the food bank…

I wonder if the lollipop the guy is eating in the background meets their dietary restrictions…

Guess what folks, if you don’t like the free food, don’t eat it. Get a job and go to grocery store so you can get the food you are “accustomed” to. This is America people, and we eat meat and potatoes for dinner.

If you don’t want to do that, I am sure I can find you a seat on the next plane back to your homeland.

What do you think about immigrant food stamp recipients making menu demands on our food banks? Share the story on Facebook because we WANT to hear YOUR voice on this!

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