Muslim “Refugees” Enroll in High School – This IMMEDIATELY Happens. My God.

What needs to happen before the government learns that the tenets of Islam are not compatible with Western freedom?

In a race against Sweden to become the first third world country in the West, Canada has started to aggressively accept Muslim “refugees.” The politicians and bureaucrats behind the policy remain protected, while Canadian students face the brunt of the invasion. Immediately after Muslim ‘refugees’ are enrolled in a Canadian high school, reports of abuse skyrocketed as bearded Muslims, some as old as 22, prey on young girls.

The Canadian alternative media publisher The Rebel has launched an investigation into an east coast high school, after receiving a tip that Muslim migrants “with full beards and better built than the hockey team,” have been preying on students, with a sick focus on young girls.

The Rebel, which operates on a shoestring budget, is the only media outlet in Canada who are investigating the abuse. Canada has a public broadcaster, which receives over $2 billion a year in taxpayer money, yet they remain silent on the Muslim assaults.

Just like in our country, the mainstream media in Canada refuses to report on the wrongdoings of Muslims, yet they write daily sob stories about migrants arriving at the airport.

Fortunately for concerned Canadians, The Rebel has filed a freedom of information request with the high school, where they received over 2,700 pages of emails and reports detailing the abuses of Muslims.

It’s not just young girls who are suffering either. Teachers have been violently confronted, Jewish children were bullied, and one boy was kicked violently when he accidentally touched a female student. It sounds like the Muslim students are making no attempt to adjust to the new culture they are in — and all of this could happen in our country.

Just like in our own country, Canadian parents are concerned, patriots are speaking out, but no one is listening. Liberals in Canada would rather sacrifice children and educators to the altar of political correctness than speak up for Western values and what’s right.

In a follow-up, the reporter Faith Goldy describes how the Muslim students celebrated the terror attack in Brussels last year. I am not sure what is more disgusting, Muslims celebrating the loss of 32 innocent lives, or that the government official refuses to name the “culture” involved.

All of this should make it abundantly clear that Muslim tenets and Sharia law are not compatible with Western values. It is utterly sickening that Canadian politicians are allowing young ladies to be assaulted.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refuses to even admit there is a problem, and he is frequently seen kissing the feet of Muslim Imams. What Canada needs is a healthy dose of Donald Trump!

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