WATCH: Muslim Congressman Caught Doing Something Nasty During Trump Speech

The Democrats have proven they care nothing for our nation and only for their political careers. This disgusting perspective was apparent during Trump’s address to Congress.

Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison refused to clap even on bi-partisan issues, such as the creation of jobs for Americans, proving he is only their for an agenda rather than We the People…

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, another high profile Democrat, sat next to Ellison and acted in much the same matter.

Instead of showing any willingness to work with Trump, Ellison sat there and looked as though it was the worst moment of his life.

Politicians like this are clearly only interested in collecting a paycheck and creating issues rather than solving them.

There’s nothing they can work with Trump on because his primary goal is to get rid of the corruption on which these two have built their entire careers.

The fact that the Democrat Party was considering Ellison to lead them is very telling. This man has all of the far-left strategies in his back pocket, and he has sympathized with radical Islam and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Nothing from his dark past was enough to sway the liberals from supporting him. Now, well, I imagine even dedicated Democrat supporters are going to turn away from these two.

Those who voted for Ellison have to be thinking — is this what I voted him in for? So he could refuse to work with our president on even the most basic of issues, that of regenerating the economy? There simply is no reason to not get excited about a president that wants to put more jobs on the market for Americans and to give the economy a much-needed boost.

Well, it seems like those who put their faith in Democrats like this are going to be disappointed. They are absolutely unwilling to find a single area of mutual interest with our president.

Thankfully, the Republicans on the other side of the room all seem to be ready to get to work and have the numbers to overcome this dissent.

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