SICK: Muslim Restaurant Workers Serve Up More Than Customers Ordered

A group of Muslim restaurant workers was giving a little more than food in the meals they served.

The owners, Mohammad Abdul Basit and Amjad Bhatti, pled guilty to breaking food hygiene specifications. It was found that they passed the dangerous food borne illness E. Coli to 142 people who visited their restaurant, according to BBC News. The reason is sickening.

Most Muslims have a strange and disgusting bathroom routine. Instead of using toilet paper when they use the bathroom, they tend to use their left hand and water to “clean” themselves afterward. A test confirmed that nine out of the 12 employees tested positive for the virus.

E. Coli originates in the gut, and therefore, cannot be spread via a cough or sneeze. The only way to pass the virus to others is through touching something that has been in contact with fecal matter.

There is a good chance that these Muslim men were practicing this unsanitary bathroom practice, and either not washing their hands at all, or not washing their hands well enough. Regardless, they should never be allowed around food again.

The type of E. Coli that was spread to their patrons is especially deadly. In fact, there was only one outbreak of this kind ever reported in Europe.

A couple of the people involved said they felt like they were going to die due to the pain. Many of the people went to the hospital, and a 13-year-old almost died due to the sickness. How could the owners think this an acceptable way to use the bathroom when they MAKE FOOD for people?

These owners and staff put people’s lives in danger and don’t seem to be remorseful for it either. Westerners are seen as “unclean,” so to hurt anyone in that group means nothing to these people.

These kinds of traditions must be eliminated if they ever hope to LEGALLY transition to our way of life. Using bare hands to clean themselves after bathroom activities is uncivilized and archaic. We are so far beyond that as a Western society.

There must be some rules and standard, beyond “standards of hygiene,” to prevent this in Muslim-owned restaurants. It is their tradition and no one else’s. There should be extra checks to make sure that Muslims are not feeding fecal matter and dangerous viruses like E. Coli to innocent patrons.

If someone had been regularly inspecting the Muslim-owned restaurant, 142 British people wouldn’t have been subjected to this terrible illness.

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