200 Muslims Make Demands to Their Boss… Here’s His PERFECT Response

A meat packing and distribution plant in Fort Morgan, CO, recently found itself in a very difficult situation due to unreasonable demands by its Muslim immigrant workers. Instead of caving, the business decided to fight back.

Workers were making unreasonable demands and walked out thinking the business would eventually give in to their requests.

According to a story on DenverPost.com, the plant decided to fire almost 200 workers rather than buckle to these demands.

Instead of a prayer rug in their locker, they found a pink slip!

The Muslim immigrants wanted more prayer time. Prior to the walkout, the workers were breaking out small prayer periods from a 15-minute break period as well as their lunch break (30 minutes).

Apparently, having 45 minutes during working hours to pray was not enough, and they wanted more.

Never before have we ever heard of something like this in an American workplace. When our forefathers immigrated to this country, did any of them ask their employers for time out of the work day to pray? Why all of a sudden are business owners being forced to even consider this?

Once again, a group of Muslim immigrants is asking for more rights than the rest of America! First it was a la carte food banks and now they want business owners to disrupt their business operations to allow them to pray. When do we say enough?!

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