WATCH: Citizen Sees What Muslim Welfare Queens Do At Walmart, Records Video For All to Watch

We the People have suffered enough under Dems, working to the bone just to buy cheap groceries and pay rent. Meanwhile, welfare queens like this woman are collecting checks!

A New York lawyer went to Walmart to purchase his usual groceries when he saw a Muslim woman loaded down with a huge cart full of soda that she bought with her food stamps. This lawyer then learned she wasn’t buying this soda for herself, but to stock and resell it in her convenience store!

Not only is the government paying her way and purchasing these sodas for her, but then she turns around and sells them for a profit! She is cheating the system while countless American citizens suffer!

This is what a “welfare queen” looks like — someone who abuses the government and is hostile when confronted with her heinous actions! It’s absolutely sickening! She disparages the American people and this country, screaming and cussing into the camera.

Food stamps should be used for those who are unable to feed their families, even though they work multiple jobs and try to save as much as they can. These welfare queens drive nice cars, buy expensive food, and loaf off of money they did not earn themselves!

Not only are Muslim refugees and illegals coming into this country, but they are taking away our benefits and filling up our welfare systems. They’re making it impossible for the people of this country who are actually in need to partake in government assistance.

And yet these are the things liberals are fighting for. They WANT the American people to continue to suffer, to struggle and fight to live, just so “refugees” and illegals continue to live the American dream.

This story needs to be put out and shared everywhere. This woman needs to be brought to justice. This behavior and abuse of our government assistance programs should not be tolerated! She is stealing from the American taxpayers and has absolutely no remorse for doing so.

This is fraud at its finest, but she is not the only person doing this. There are too many people in this country who are taking advantage of our tax dollars and government assistance programs.

This is the reason why the American people are suffering, why the job market is so cutthroat, and why there are still homeless people on the streets. Some take our jobs, and some take our welfare, but the end result is the same: they leave nothing but scraps for those of us who are living legally in this country.

When did being a born-and-bred American come to mean “second-class citizen?” Under Obama, that’s what we were ultimately forced to become. Obamacare crippled us, and the loss of jobs made our children go hungry, and for what? So illegal immigrants and refugees could have nice things they didn’t earn.

That’s why we elected Donald Trump as the president! He will be cutting these people out of the welfare systems and aiding the American people, so they can finally flourish in their own country. If you don’t like it, go back to where you came from!

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