WATCH: Muslim Woman Who Butchered American Girls Just Got BRUTAL News

Islamic culture is nothing short of barbaric, and this latest example out of Michigan is just further proof.

Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, an emergency room physician in Detroit, has been charged with female genital mutilation after performing a sick “religious procedure” on two young American girls. She has been ordered to jail without bond while she awaits her criminal trial. If she’s convicted at trial, she could be facing at least five years in prison.

Tucker Carlson spoke about this story on his show Tucker Carlson Tonight on Wednesday. He explained that this crime should be harsher than a five-year prison sentence. We definitely agree with Carlson on this issue.

Dr. Nagarwala’s lawyer gave the religious explanation during the meeting with the federal magistrate. Judge Mona Majzoub was not having any of it. She said, “There is clear and convincing evidence that [Nagarwala] poses a danger to the community.” (via Detroit News)

This case is catching the eyes of people all across the country, and not just because of the horrible acts that took place. Federal courts across the country have NEVER made this type of order in a case like this until now. We are happy to see that something is going to be done for these two girls.

The hearing also revealed some information that Dr. Nagarwala probably wanted to keep hidden. She is DIRECTLY linked to a small association of Shia Muslims that got busted for this same offense in Australia about two years ago.

Shannon Thompson, the doctor’s defense lawyer, tried to do everything she could to get her client released. She pleaded that Nagarwala get released on home arrest with a GPS tracking device. We are thrilled that the magistrate shot this notion down almost immediately.

Nagarwala was arrested at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport whilst attempting to book a trip to Kenya. It seems clear to us that she was on the run, somehow knowing that the jig was up.

It is about time that we finally started cracking down on radical Muslims for hurting children. It’s one thing to simply have religious beliefs, and another thing entirely when they harm children and violate constitutional rights.

It is speculated that the girls were told something completely different from the truth when they went to see the doctor that day. It is DISGUSTING that Nagarwala — and Muslim doctors like her — thought she could get away with this type of behavior sans consequences.

Now that this case is open and visible for all to see, hopefully we can start getting more demented Muslim doctors fired or put behind bars where they belong.

They can try to wrap this up any way that they would like, but the facts still remain: Harm was brought upon these girls for NO REASON except to appease the barbaric religion of the parents. It is completely unacceptable and cannot be allowed in OUR country.

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