THIS Video Released of 1,000 Muslim “Refugees” Sexually Attacking Women in Mass Attack

Germany has opened its borders to migrants and on New Year’s Eve, its female population paid the price in a horrific way.

Approximately 1,000 Muslim men brutally attacked women during the New Year’s Eve celebration, not limited to but including raping and groping them. The assaults were not limited to civilians, either, as at least one volunteer policewoman reported sexual molestation.

According to, the men were all of North African or Arab appearance.

Watch the video below and see for yourself how the migrants send fireworks into the crowd while these attacks are taking place…

Suddenly, because of these open borders, people that have lived in this area their entire lives must now fear public celebrations where they could previously celebrate holidays such as New Year’s Eve without fear. Why? Because the country opened up its borders and took all comers without properly vetting the migrants.

Police are now literally seeking out the 1,000 or so men by monitoring the video surveillance videos from that night.

Hillary and Obama, are you paying attention to this? If we don’t stall Muslim immigration as Donald Trump has suggested and continue to allow them to cross our borders at will, this could easily happen in Times Square.

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