8 Muslim Thugs ATTACK Veterans Wife. Then They IMMEDIATELY Regret It.

When eight Muslim thugs brutally attacked a woman at the beach, they got a whole lot more than they bargained for in response.

An Iraq war veteran fought off all eight Muslim thugs after they accosted his wife along Victoria’s Surf Coast in Australia. Kyle Tyrrell, 48, quickly made the men regret ever walking up to his wife, Liana.

Liana Tyrrell was punched in the face at the beach, according to a Daily Mail report. The brutal incident occurred after the veteran’s wife informed one of the men fishing was not permitted in the marine sanctuary after noticing him putting a crab pot in the water.

Tyrrell, a retired lieutenant-colonel, said the attack on his wife by the eight Muslim men was both racially and culturally motivated. According to the veteran, the attackers called his wife a “white slut” and a “white whore.”

Kyle Tyrrell suffered only minor injuries even though he was vastly outnumbered in the fight. One of the Muslim anglers was taken to the hospital after their attempt to beat up a woman went, well… terribly right!

“At that point, five more joined the fight, one punching my wife as she attempted to get our daughter up the beach,” Tyrrell added. At one stage, one of the men said to Mrs. Tyrrell: “Your husband needs to teach you a lesson.”

The veteran maintained that the Muslim men took extreme offense at a woman, likely a white woman in particular, trying to tell them what to do. Tyrrell’s story of the attack was shared on the Stand Up For Australia – Melbourne Facebook page and has now gone viral.

When Liana Tyrrell ignored the raging Muslim man after he insulted her, that only enraged him and his friends even more, according to her husband. “His mates got close to me and then he made a run for my wife. That’s when I ran at him, he threw a punch which I ducked, and the fight started,” the veteran said.

Kyle also noted at no time during the incident could either he, his wife, or their daughter, safely walk away from the area. Muslim refugees in other countries have followed individuals, especially women, and violently accosted them on many occasions.

Liberal Facebook trolls actually heaped criticism upon the Iraq war veteran for defending his wife and protecting his family from the eight angry men. When he took to the social media page to set the record straight, Tyrrell added he would “do it again in a heartbeat.” The veteran also said, “In fact, I would do the same thing for any woman I saw in that situation, not just my wife.”

The world needs more men like Kyle Tyrrell! Kudos to you, sir, for placing yourself in harm’s way to do what was right. No charges were filed after the two related incidents. The Muslim man who punched Mrs. Tyrrell in the face surely should have been stuffed and cuffed. Exactly why that didn’t happen remains unclear.

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