BOOM! Muslims Chant ‘Allah’ On Plane, Flight Attendant Has Brilliant Response

A Muslim couple from Cincinnati is now crying discrimination and suing Delta Airlines, but such at outcome was likely at the back of one brave flight attendant’s mind and then dismissed when she decided to put the protection of her passengers ahead of any potential job loss or legal issues.

The Delta fight attendant felt “uncomfortable” after hearing the Ohio Muslim couple chant “Allah” while “hiding” the cellphones they were constantly texting on as she walked by, so she urged the captain to order them removed from the plane.

The couple was also sweating profusely, according to the concerned flight attendant, something the Muslim man and woman blamed on a long tarmac wait, but everyone else on the plane had sat through the same delay inside the same “poor air circulation” in the plane.

“I was scared because it looked like some random guy was taking pictures of our passports on his personal phone,”  Nazia Ali said after she and her husband, Faisal, were kicked off the airplane.

Being subjected to a police officer looking at your passport and reading text messages on a phone to make sure you were not telling fellow ISIS militants the suitcase bomb made it onto the plane is not scary—being on a plane where that actually occurs is scary!

As the now viral video clearly shows, the flight attendant was very professional and polite, but the Muslim woman immediately became combative and wanted to know if the reason they were being removed from the plane for “safety” reasons was actually discriminatory.

Though leftists want all Americans to follow a “see something, say something” mindset, liberals have summarily bashed the Delta flight attendant and captain who backed her up as racist Islamophobes.

Liberals can’t have it both ways.

They cannot chastise Trump for “profiling” someone after witnessing that person possibly engaging in suspicious behavior that could indicate they were radical Islamic terrorists AND demand we all say something if we see something.

Fear of being singled out as racists kept neighbors of the San Bernardino terrorists from reaching out to authorities—and Americans were brutally slaughtered during an office Christmas party!

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