Muslim Tries to Humiliate Donald Trump… Here’s His Perfect Response

Trump’s rallies have recently been targeted by pro-left advocates, and he has dealt with them accordingly. The latest display was more than just a so-called “silent” protest, though, it was sickening.

According to, Muslim protestors wearing traditional Muslim garb tried to disrupt his speech and were immediately removed from the rally. BUT, it was not the traditional garb they wore that was disturbing, it was something else…

Several protestors were wearing yellow eight-pointed stars. Imagine the audacity to compare Trump’s stance to halt immigration to the Holocaust? We have a President in place doing everything he can to help them immigrate into this country and they are liking Trump to Hitler. This flat out turns my stomach!

How dare these ignorant people compare a proposed policy to one of the most horrific, if not THE most horrific, events in the history of the world. It is more than selfish… it simply proves these people have NO place in OUR country!

Perhaps Trump has it wrong. It should not be a temporary ban but a permanent one. If allowed to continue to penetrate our borders, will they turn this small cut into a festering wound that destroys our country from the inside out? Will we even be able to call it OUR country? Will REAL Americans suddenly become the minority?

As patriots, we need to stand behind a candidate that will make this country great again. This is a humongous and difficult job because of the damage done to country and its reputation by numbers 42 and 44. BUT, I think we know the man for the job!

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