BREAKING: U.S. Navy SEAL DESTROYS CNN Reporter to Her Face on Live TV


CNN is an absolute joke of a news station. They were finally faced with facts, and they didn’t know how to handle it.

CNN is never held accountable for the falsehoods they report, which consequently results in more reported lies. Carl Higbie, a U.S. Navy SEAL, was featured on CNN and absolutely destroyed their sketchy reporting tactics. The conversation got heated quick, but Higbie held his composure and recited the truth, which is clearly a foreign concept to CNN reporters.

The purpose of the panel was to discuss the New York Times’s report, which claimed President Trump asked James Comey to end the investigation of Michael Flynn. Higbie stated that this was an absurd allegation due to the anonymity of the sources who reported this. (via IJR).

Carl Higbie is completely correct. How dignified could a claim be if the source isn’t willing to firmly stand by and support it? Anybody could serve as an anonymous source, but CNN suggests that only respectable journalists are doing so. Higbie wasn’t buying it, and neither are we.

The media is using anonymous sources to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency. Anonymity serves the Left best, because those who report anonymously won’t be questioned directly. This is a cowardly way to conduct reporting.

There are very few things that are more entertaining than a triggered liberal. CNN anchor Kate Bolduan responded to Higbie angrily and chastised him for attacking the sources. Everyone else at the table did the same.

What separates Donald Trump from these weak-minded reporters is that he and his people are confident enough to speak on the record. This shows courage and integrity in what he says. There is no way that could be dismantled by the unnamed whispers of the Left.

Between the SEAL and the anchor, it was the anchor who raised her voice and came off as defensive. Higbie is disciplined and well-versed. He was able to identify the flaws in her argument without getting flustered.

Donald Trump’s sturdy leadership will not fall victim to chicken-hearted leakers. He has accomplished too much for this to happen. Trump isn’t fazed by this, because he knows just how ridiculous these claims are.

Chris Higbie’s presence on CNN will encourage people to think. He has opened the door for people to draw conclusions on a very serious issue.

Courageous representation of the People will always prevail. Unless you’re willing to put your name next to your claims, keep quiet.

He called out these spineless sources for exactly what they are, and they don’t stand a chance against Donald Trump.

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