WATCH: NFL Legend Drops Kaepernick Truth Bomb On Liberal NFL

The wealthy Leftist elites who run the entertainment world are starting to realize that liberalism is not favored among Americans. If they continue on their course of anti-Americanism, they’re going to lose viewership and big bucks.

Former NFL Star and staunch conservative, Burgess Owens, is ripping the NFL for its self-destructive behavior. He pointed out that Colin Kaepernick’s open contempt for America is what caused viewers to tune out last season.

Owens knows a thing or two about the NFL. He’s a retired safety who played ten seasons, first for the New York Jets and then for the Oakland Raiders. During his tenure, he scored the Jets’ only touchdown on a kickoff return in the ’70s.

Since leaving the NFL, Owens has taken liberalism to task, speaking and writing about how Leftist ideas corrode America in general and the black community in particular. He’s even authored a book titled Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps.

Owens offered powerful insight into the NFL’s current dismal ratings. Viewership was notably down last season. According to a J.D. Power poll, 26 percent of football fans skipped the games because of liberal antics.

The most notable of these shenanigans are the National Anthem protests of former 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who famously took a knee whenever The Star-Spangled Banner was played.

Kaepernick complained that the National Anthem celebrates a nation steeped in racism. He’s taken several other jabs at America, its institutions, and the police. Kaepernick even protested celebrating Independence Day, reported Newsmax.

If the NFL thought giving a platform to these liberal loons was a smart business decision, they were wrong, says Owens. The legend argued that the NFL has abandoned its core audience by rejecting American pride.

“During the time that I played, the NFL was known for its patriotism and for character. It’s now that the brand today is turned to where they put up with anti-Americanism and thuggery,” Owens said. Football is one of the most popular of America’s national sports. The people who love football also deeply love America. A decrease in ratings should be expected after protesting the National Anthem at an NFL game.

Owens stated that the objective of the Left, with all their protesting nonsense, is to get Democrats elected. “We have these young people now that are reeling. Every single election cycle they [politicians] get them the anti-American sentiment, anti-flag, anti-police, anti-white, and it’s all to do one thing: get white and black Socialist liberal elitists elected.”

Democrats incite racial divisions and identity politics because it’s all they have to run on. Can they really offer better economic opportunities? The cities Democrats control are swamps of poverty, crime, and corruption.

The Democrat Party claims to be the defender of African Americans, yet that group has suffered tremendous setbacks under Democrat policies. We won’t have any more of it. Not only are Americans kicking liberals out of office–we’re throwing them out of our sports. Make football great again!

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