JUST IN: NFL Team Makes Stunning Kaepernick Announcement – Your Response?

Colin Kaepernick has been surrounded by controversy since refusing to stand during the National Anthem. Now the unsigned quarterback is looking for a new NFL home.

Kaepernick was sure that he found a new home with the Baltimore Ravens. John Harbaugh, the coach of the Ravens, spoke highly of Kaepernick up until it came time for them to make their pick, according to Sports Illustrated. The Ravens DID NOT sign Kaepernick, and instead opted for David Olsen who is–believe it or not–an Arena League quarterback. 

There is no surprise that the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback has not been signed. Standing up for the National Anthem is not something you should do because you are a football player, but something he should WANT to do as an American.

Kaepernick seems upset that he has not been picked yet. What did he expect after disrespecting the American People under the guise of the violent and falsely-based group, Black Lives Matter?

The Ravens were willing to pick up someone with less experience, unknown factors, and lacking conditioning to the NFL over the former 49s quarterback. That certainly sends a message.

Harbaugh brought up a valid point when discussing Kaepernick. “It depends on Colin, first of all. What he wants to do. What’s his passion? What’s his priority? What’s he want to do?” Harbaugh asked.

His questions concern whether Kaepernick is more worried about making political statements or playing football. If he is more focused on showing the world how “racist” our society is, then football isn’t in his future. It should be noted that he sits on a net worth of $22 million, according to The Richest.

The man makes more money in a short NFL career than most of us will have in a lifetime, but wants to claim that there is some kind of oppression of minorities? Give us a break.

Some teams may not want him because he is an unimpressive quarterback. Perhaps his lackluster performance on the field is due to his focus on a non-existent “oppression,” and his on-field protest of the National Anthem. If his priority isn’t football, his performance is likely impaired.

No one hates Kaepernick because he is a minority; people dislike Kaepernick because he is UNPATRIOTIC. He has made it clear that he has no problem disrespecting the millions of servicemen and women who made it possible for him to live such a lavish life. He should be grateful for his success and want to respect this country and everything that we stand for as a nation.

Instead, his traitorous behavior has left a bad taste in the mouths of coaches and owners around the NFL, and football fans around the country. Kaepernick will need all the luck he can get to be signed on another national football team.

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