WATCH – Nigel Farage Goes NUCLEAR On ‘Disgusting’ Push For TRAITOR Electors

British Brexit activist Nigel Farage has weighed in on the state of American politics, and the Independence Party leader has some blunt words to say about the Electoral College.

Nigel Farage deemed the push for faithless electors “disgusting.” During an interview on Fox and Friends, the Brexit leader aptly noted that all the anti-Trump protest actions are stemming from folks cozy with “liberal media elites.”

The United Kingdom political leader also accurately pointed out that the frantic angst from the left is simply the result of them not getting their way!

“I don’t think it’s going to happen,” Farage said. “It would be absolutely monstrous if it did.”

The sore losers in England are still trying to fight the results of the free and fair vote of Brexit. Much like here, whining and a steady flow of drama-induced rants have become commonplace.

In the United Kingdom, Brexit opponents are busy filing court cases as a last ditch effort to do something, anything, to thwart the will of the people and prevent the UK from leaving the European Union. “It’s the same miserable list of excuses from people who’ve had it all their own way for too long,” Farage said.

After uttering his concerns for the state of American politics in the wake of Donald Trump’s win, Nigel Farage also added he is confident the vast majority of Republican electors will honor their Electoral College pledge and do their duty and vote for the president-elect later this afternoon.

The anti-Trump contingent will likely continue to protest Trump and further their plans to disrupt inauguration day activities. Michael Moore is among those vowing to force Donald Trump inside to take the oath of office.

As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, various liberal groups are planning disruptions and demonstrations on January 20th. The groups, such as Black Lives Matter, have not ruled out lawbreaking and the use of violence to accomplish their treasonous goals.

This intense level of panic and discomfort among liberal elites and snowflake millennials stem from having society bend to their will for the bulk of their lives. Faced with resistance to their carefully crafted reality, their bubbles unexpectedly burst and thrust them, ill-prepared, into the real world.

Having never learned to actually deal with adversity, losing, or functioning outside of a safe space, the liberal elites are left waffling around in with far less grace than a fish out of water. Donald Trump WILL become the 45th president of the United states in just a few weeks. The sooner the liberals learn there’s nothing they can do to stop it, the sooner they can come to grips with life in a politically incorrect America!

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