Norway Makes Big Decision About Muslim Immigration… Every Country Should Do THIS

Norway is looking to improve its asylum policy to make it one of the toughest in Europe. Its latest measure is definitely a great first step.

According to The Local, Norway has decided to start turning back refugees without proper visas, which will have a massive cut in how many Islamic radical immigrants will come in.

This is fairly significant due the previous lax regulations in place. As part of the Schengen Zone, there are no immigration controls and it is a passport free zone. This has made it a target area for radical Muslim immigration. With these tighter border controls, that should change.

Another facet of the new law we like is the changing of the countries welfare laws. Now, those allowed into the country will receive less benefits than current Norwegian residents. This should make the country less attractive to freeloaders.

Is anyone in Washington paying attention to this? Other countries are putting legislation in place to purposely block the immigration of radical Muslims, yet the American people are still subject to this infiltration because of Barack Obama’s personal agenda. We need change and we need it now!

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