ALERT: NRA Leader Issues THIS Warning About the Next President, Patriots Needed!

Second Amendment supporters are keenly aware of the fact the next inhabitant of the White House will play a massive role in the ongoing right to bear arms vs gun control debate.

NRA president Allan D. Cors has declared the 2016 election will be the most critical ballot casting time in the history of the nation. Cors warned Second Amendment supporters the new President will have the power to appoint a grand total of four justices to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Allan Cors noted during an interview at the Great American Outdoor Show that if Hillary Clinton is elected, the USA will have placed into the Oval Office one of the most passionate gun control advocates the nation has ever seen.

In my view, all the chips are on the table in this election because the impact is who gets the Supreme Court. All of these things fall with whoever is President,” the NRA president said. “Hillary was heavily engaged on that issue. She was calling wives of members of Congress to get them to work on their husbands to vote the right way, Bill Clinton’s way, on gun control. I view that as serious passion for the issue.”

“This probably will be the most critical election in our time for our freedom and the Second Amendment.”

Posted by Washington Examiner on Sunday, February 7, 2016

The NRA president’s warning should be taken to heart and shared by all Americans who cherish not only the Second Amendment, but also the Constitution.

When 44 leaves office, we will finally be rid of the first American President who unabashedly wiped his feet with the most beautiful document ever created. The Founding Fathers have been rolling over in their graves since Obama took the oath of office.

If we do not want, at the very least, a continuation of 44’s gun-grabbing tactics and vilification of patriots who firmly believe in the Second Amendment and freedoms outlined by the men who risked hanging by simply singing the piece of parchment, then we all need to do our part to ensure Hillary Clinton never takes up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue ever again.

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