FINALLY! Obama Addresses Anti-Trump Protesters, Says 7 Words that Speak VOLUMES

Since the night of the election way back on November 8th, people have been protesting the outcome. Coast to coast, the anti-Trump rallies continue nightly, but never fear, our dignified leader (and lame duck sitting president) Barack Obama will calm the storm.

Not on your life. Instead, Obama is once again seeking to further agitate the agitated. His words to those who oppose a fairly elected Donald Trump? “I wouldn’t advise them to be silent,” he said in reference to the protests, as reported by Allen B West.

“I have been the subject of protest during the course of my eight years,” he added. “And I suspect that there’s not a president in our history that hasn’t been subject to these protests.”

Interesting. I don’t recall masses of people on the streets of any U.S. city following Obama’s election, not in 2008 or 2012. I don’t remember universities or public schools boycotting his election.

And you don’t recall them, either, Mr Obama, or you obviously would be citing them a thousand times a day.

Further, you know that you never saw these types of protests. Not even when you shoved your crumby healthcare plan down our throats or when you made friends with Iran and loaded that country with weapons. There were no protests. There was no destruction of property.

A full ten days after the election our sitting president is encouraging protests and riots to continue over the president-elect. Just what does he seek to accomplish? Is there any chance of a reversal of outcomes? Uh, no. There is not. He’s just getting people riled up. This has become his custom, and it will be his lowly legacy. Community activist indeed. I don’t recall any U.S. president-elect being so poorly treated by his predecessor.

Clearly then, this is not about the election last week. It is about the next four years. It is about making sure President Trump is viewed as a failure and that President Obama is hailed as the true chief. The people’s chief. If you can’t be a success, fake it until you make it, I guess.

Place your bets — I bet that Obama, who has already made clear that he will continue to reside in Washington DC, will be putting up hurdles and throwing down banana peels every chance he gets. One president attacking another. So unpresidential, Mr. President.

Such public hatred by an outgoing president towards an incoming president is unheard of in these United States. That’s not how we think. We the People are above that even if our current president is not.

Mr. Trump, please try not to succumb to these infantile tactics. They are but mere traps, aimed at slowing you down. Run your own race. Ignore them.

Well, there you have it — yet another embarrassing chapter in the failed Obama years. Thank goodness we’ve reached the end.

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