WATCH – Obama Just Banned Oil Drilling, Here’s What He Has in Mind for Americans (HILARIOUS Parody)

With Obama’s final stretch winding down, he is doing all he can to implement things that Donald Trump will have a hard time counteracting.

Obama is creating new environmental protections to thwart Trump’s pro-oil and gas. On Tuesday he announced an indefinite ban on offshore oil and gas drilling in portions of the Atlantic and Arctic, so patriots responded with this hilarious parody. (via NBC News)

Canada has also just made a ban on offshore drilling, to be reviewed every five years. North America is going green, it would seem.

“President Obama and Prime Minister [Justin] Trudeau are proud to launch actions ensuring a strong, sustainable and viable Arctic economy and ecosystem, with low-impact shipping, science based management of marine resources, and free from the future risks of offshore oil and gas activity,” the White House said in a statement with Trudeau.

This is yet another Obama midnight ruling. He is simply trying to get the upper hand over Donald Trump before he is sworn in to make it more difficult for Trump to run his administration the way he sees fit.

This year, the Interior Department announced its five-year plan for offshore drilling, omitting expansion within certain Arctic regions.

The 1953 Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, which was created to protect the coral reefs and sanctuaries for marine life, is often used to limit industry. Now it is being implemented to stop offshore drilling in regions of the ocean.

Of course, environmental activist groups are praising this action as a huge victory to protect the Earth and its resources, and see it as a milestone in ending offshore drilling that causes things like oil spills and contamination of the ocean.

However, the majority of the American people know this will cost them. The people in the oil and gas industries see it as a loss of jobs and state that while Obama is calling the ban indefinite, it won’t be forever, because Donald Trump is the President-Elect.

“Blocking offshore exploration would weaken our national security, destroy good-paying jobs, and could make energy less affordable for consumers,” stated Erik Milito, Upstream Director at the American Petroleum Institute.

“Fortunately, there is no such thing as a permanent ban, and we look forward to working with the new administration on fulfilling the will of American voters on energy production,” he continued on to say in his statement on Tuesday.

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