NASTY – Obama Just Blamed THIS For Deaths of 5 Cops in Dallas, IMPEACH HIM NOW!!

President Obama thinks he has figured out why the Dallas police officers were shot and who the REAL culprit was. While the rest of the civilized believes Micah Xavier Johnson killed five police officers and wounded seven other people, including one private citizen, the Liberal president claims that just isn’t so.

While standing on foreign soil in Poland, Obama blamed Texas laws which uphold the Second Amendment for the murders of five police officers. The president blamed the open carry laws in the Lone Star State for the carnage carried out at the hands of a racist madman.

“[Police] have a really difficult time in communities where they know guns are everywhere. And as I said before, they have a right to come home and now they have very little margin of error in terms of making decisions,” Obama said during his address from Warsaw, Breitbart notes.

Obama conveniently forgot his adopted hometown of Chicago possesses both some of the most stringent gun laws in the country AND the highest violent crime rates. Chicago Liberals blame “lax” gun laws outside of the city for the crime, claiming the criminals get their guns elsewhere and then bloody the streets in poor urban neighborhoods.

Such a theory might hold water if the outlying areas also experience high crime rates [which they do not] and the pesky fact that few to none of the Chicago gang bangers got their guns legally after passing a background check at a distant gun store or firearms show.

“So if you care about the safety of our police officers, then you can’t set aside the gun issue and pretend that that’s irrelevant,” Obama also said during his speech, turning the carnage into a partisan political issue.

President Obama appeared to claim that if Texas had simply chosen to infringe upon the Second Amendment rights of its citizens, they 12 people killed or wounded might be walking around today without a gaping bullet wound.

“At the protest in Dallas, one of the challenges for the Dallas police department–as they’re being shot at–is, because this is an open carry state there are a bunch of people participating in the protest who have weapons on them. Imagine if you’re a police officer and you’re trying to sort how who is shooting at you and there are bunch of people who’ve got guns on them,” the president added.

Obama went on to blame the gun in the Philando Castile shooting in Minnesota.

“There was a gun in the car, apparently was licensed” but Obama then said the presence of the gun “caused, in some fashion, those tragic events.”

Concealed carry permits holders are pulled over for minor traffic violations on a daily basis in the United States. None of those other incidents have reportedly resulted in a fatal police shooting simply because a gun was present inside the vehicle.

Obama ended his speech with a vow to never stop talking about gun control. As long as Congress is controlled by patriots who respect the Constitution, all the current Oval Officer holder is going to be able to do is “talk” about curtailing our gun rights.

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