Obama Caught in Major Terror Cover-Up, LOOK What He’s Hiding…

Obama’s administration is refusing to budge with any information on multiple fronts, and now, here is another one to add to the list.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch claims that the motive behind the Orlando Pulse nightclub terrorist, Omar Mateen, will never be fully known, but it turns out the FBI is trying to keep information hidden, no doubt by Obama’s order, as per The Orlando Sentinel.

Mateen called Florida police officials several times during the night he killed 49 people to swear his allegiance to ISIS, yet the public has only been made aware of a small portion of these conversations.

They have released edited versions of the calls, and then an unedited version later. However, there was a lawsuit in which the people demanded more information, and so the Sheriff’s office of Seminole released a letter they received from the FBI.

This letter told the police officials to deny requests for information and lead the mainstream media off the trail by making them talk to the regular feds. This is a typical move of Obama’s administration—don’t give information until you get caught.

A part of the letter reads, “As you know, this is an active, on-going investigation being conducted by the FBI. The FBI considers information obtained from the state and local enforcement agencies in furtherance of its investigation to be evidence or potential evidence.”

It continues on to state, “Accordingly, the FBI is concerned that public disclosure of such records or information at this time will adversely affect our ability to effectively investigate the shooting and bring the matter to resolution; could endanger the safety of law enforcement officers, and other individuals who have participated in or are otherwise connected with the investigation; and risks unduly prejudicing any prosecutions that may result from the investigation.”

This letter reportedly came from Paul Wysopal, the agent who leads of the Tampa FBI office. These records and information are supposed to be available to the American people with freedom of information requests.

“[The] FBI doesn’t have the authority to hijack Florida’s constitution, which guarantees us a right of access to all non-exempt public records,” said Barbara Petersen, president of the First Amendment Foundation.

So far, the city of Orlando has not released any of the records, per the FBI’s command. They use the excuse that they are not releasing the information out of respect for the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting and their families. As well as saying, “The FBI told me what to do.”

This attack committed by Mateen resulted in the deaths of 49 people and another 53 wounded. Not only has Obama’s administration belittled the fact that it was a radical Islamic terrorist attack, but they have also used this attack as a platform for gun control laws. Who knows what the FBI and Obama are hiding?

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