ALERT – Obama Passes CORRUPT Rule to Take $3,000 From Every American

He doesn’t have much time left in office, but Barack Obama is determined to make the worst of it.

Obama just pushed the ten-year regulatory burden on Americans past the one trillion mark! That’s three thousand dollars per American citizen. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), of course, is the main regulatory body behind these costs, as per a report by American Action Forum.

In fact, it was the EPA’s newest regulations surrounding trucks which pushed our regulatory burden past this one trillion dollar mark. After all, the best way to make goods cheaper for Americans is to make them more expensive to transport… right?

Uh, no. The cost of the new truck regulations is at least 29.3 billion–alone!

If this weren’t frustrating enough, our paper-work hours to handle these regulations have now exceeded 700 million!

And, sure, that means more jobs for Americans, but they’re not good jobs. American Action Forum estimates that it will take 350,000 full-time workers to move paper around over these regulations. They’ll be insecure, low-paying, frustrating jobs which contribute nothing to the economy.

Long gone are the well-paying stable manufacturing jobs, and in come the paper-shuffling that comes from meaningless government labor. Let me tell you, that is NOT the way I want to be spending my 9-to-5, and I doubt many government employees would disagree with me.

If we had just elected Hillary Clinton into the White House, I would be stammering in rage right now. But, thankfully, the reign of the Democrats is over.

If anyone understands how hampering regulations can be to businesses, economies, and pretty much every aspect of a country, it’s Donald Trump. These kind of red-tape maneuvers are just not going to fly under his administration.

Instead we’ll have more meaningful jobs, where we’re building things and contributing to the country instead of merely spinning our wheels. Carrier is just the first example of Trump’s job success.

Also, we simply need to modernize this regulation– which generally means hacking it away. Hmm, I also know just the guy for this job!

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