Days Before Leaving Office, Obama Deploys 4,000 Troops to Russian Border. He Wants WAR.

President Obama continues to worsen ties with Russia as much as he can while trying to sabotage the alliance between Vladimir Putin and President-elect Donald Trump.

The White House has deployed 4,000 troops to Poland near the country’s border with Russia in response to the “Russian aggression” that is apparently taking place.

This is, apparently, a response to Putin claiming he will be strengthening Russia’s missile program, which is not really a flat-out threat to anyone.

However, Obama still deployed our troops over to Poland—trying to bait Russia, no doubt. Obama is setting yet another trap for Donald Trump—not only is he trying to ruin ties between us and Israel but Russia as well.

This petty action takes advantage of our American soldiers. I never expected any American president to be capable of this. It’s downright appalling that Obama would rather take actions that lead to war than continue to have peace with Russia.

Our soldiers are still deployed in the Middle East, specifically Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Qatar. We also already have soldiers in Africa, Italy, Korea, and Germany. Why do we need to send even more to Poland to stand up to a nation that has done nothing to us?

Thankfully, Putin is keeping a level head and has already stated he will be waiting for any action with the U.S. once Obama is out of the picture. And I don’t blame him—Obama is acting like a petulant child.

To Obama, America is a toy. When it comes time to hand that toy over to someone else, he would rather break it than share it. Obama wants WAR. The “beloved” President Obama promised a seamless transition between presidents, but he has been rocking the boat ever since.

To me, Russia’s move to improve its missile program is in response to the promises Putin and Trump made to destroy ISIS once and for all. With a better missile program, Russia can better help take out ISIS safe havens and caches.

This military deployment to Poland has been a waste of time and money. The only harmless thing Obama has done lately is award himself a medal, which is still a pretty narcissistic move. Everything else is a complete abomination.

Obama is moving this country towards Cold War part two, and it’s one of the stupidest things he has ever done. A war between Russia is a war that could easily cripple this nation in the state it is in right now, and maybe that’s what Obama wants.

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