LEAKED VIDEO of Obama: “Gotta Have Them Ribs and P-ssy”

Hillary called Trump “horrific” for his hot mic moment making some lude comments, but it appears that in addition to defending her husband making like comments, she will now also have to defend her President.

During a book reading in 1995, Barack H. Obama read a passage from his book Dreams From My Father, and yes, he said the P word…

His reading took place at the Cambridge Public Library, according to the banner on the podium. Not exactly the place where you would expect the future President of the United States to use such “vulgar” language.

This was a mere two years before Obama would hold any type of office, so it would make sense that he would have been a bit more careful about selecting a passage from his book.

Let me also make note, if you listen to the video, you can hear women in the room, yet he still said “that” word.

Let me save liberals the trouble of making an excuse, in that I already know they are going to say he was merely reading from his book. BUT, he was reading a passage he probably selected!

You have to ask yourself why someone with political aspirations would choose such a passage knowing at some point he was going to be in the public eye. My guess is for effect… he wanted to create a few laughs by using profanity.

Now, I have not read his book, nor will I, but how can anyone hold Donald Trump under such scrutiny for his comments without extending that same scrutiny to both the President and Bill Clinton?

The old, “I was just reading” defense does not work because he chose to share that moment in his book and more importantly, he chose to read it! And then of course there is Bill…

How many times have we heard truly horrific stories about Bill’s behavior using that word and much worse? Yet, nobody in talking about that… or the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct against him!

Trump himself mentions conversations he had with Bill where Clinton himself said much worse! It is just a shame Trump didn’t have him on a hot mic!

Of course, there is also the treatment of those women by Hillary Clinton. When she continuously called them bimbo’s and much worse.

My point here is that everyone has had a moment or moment when they said something they have regretted or that was inappropriate. If we don’t hold the sitting President accountable, then how can anyone say anything about Donald Trump’s comments?

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