BREAKING: Obama Lashes Out At Trump For Paris Decision, INSTANTLY Gets Shut Down

Former President Obama thinks he is still an important figure in our nation despite people clamoring to get him OUT of office. As you can imagine, he had something to say after Trump pulled out from the Paris Climate Accord.

Obama, in essence, stated that he believes that President Trump is “rejecting the future.” Coming from the guy living in the past, we are not sure how he expects us to take him seriously. Obama’s words came back to bite him when CNN reported that the DOW went off the charts right after Trump’s announcement. It ended up closing at its first record high since March 1st!

If your cat accidentally stepped on the remote and turned to one of the liberal mainstream media outlets, you probably heard a different story. You may have heard about how the world is going to collapse, and everyone is going to die because Trump backed out of a deal that we were not even obligated to fulfill.

The truth of the situation is President Trump made his decision on a lot of EVIDENCE-BASED factors, something the Left knows nothing about or even cares to understand. One of the main reasons he pulled us from that horrible agreement was to save jobs here in the United States.

When we joined the Paris Climate Accord, they put the burden of “saving the environment” on us and let the other counties run rampant. China, for instance, had NO obligation to stop building coal mines.

China is one of the biggest polluters in the world, and OUR coal mines were forced to shut down? Something doesn’t sound right about this “deal,” does it? We are being forced to pay the price of the rest of the world, and yet, the liberals here are angry. It makes no sense.

Liberal logic WILL tell you that you have to look out for everyone but yourself, because, you know, “everyone’s a victim.” How long can that state of mind go on for, and do they realize the DAMAGE it does to our country?

The reality is they are probably too dense to understand the damage that is caused by their rabid acceptance of this agreement, or they just don’t care. Regardless of how they “feel,” facts matter. Sadly for them, facts demonstrate that staying in the Paris Climate Accord could easily send our country down an unmanageable spiral of debt and obligations.

We are happy that Trump made the decision that we have all been so patiently waiting on. He knew that this was a horrid deal and that it was hurting us. Trump was NOT going to act like Obama and watch us suffer for the sake of making other countries happy. President Trump promised us that he wanted to work for the American people, and he is making leaps and bounds as each day passes.

The wretched left-wingers will NEVER be happy with what Trump does in this country, simply because they didn’t get their way during the election. It is a sad state of affairs.

The Left is like a teenage child that needs to learn that they can’t always get their way, and Trump is doing what is best for EVERYONE.

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