WATCH – Barack H. Obama Caught on Camera MOCKING Special Needs Children. No Outrage?

So, we had a presidential candidate who went on national television and mocked individuals with disabilities, showing everyone just what his true colors were.

If you think I am talking about Donald Trump and his supposed description of a disabled reporter, then you would be wrong. In 2008, Barack Obama went on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, talked about his bowling abilities, and said they were equal to that of the “Special Olympics.”

Where is the outrage from the left regarding this incident? I remember when Obama originally made this comment, and it was very unfortunate because absolutely no one cared about it. This was especially true among those on the left.

Fast forward to 2015, and the left was furious about some comments Donald Trump allegedly made about a disabled reporter. You hear it time and again about how Trump is a bully and he should be disqualified for the office he was just elected to.

However, these same people fail to look at Obama and realize just how cocky and insulting this man can be. Obama will be walking out of the White House as if he is on a catwalk.

So, where IS the outrage when Obama makes a comment that can be PROVEN to be something that would come from a bully? The outrage is non-existent towards Obama, and the reason is because of the inherent bias the left feels when it is THEIR candidate.

This wasn’t the first time this had happened either. The left ignored everything about Bill Clinton, but they used the same attack tactics against GOP candidates. They often weren’t even proven, but it didn’t matter to the left. What was their rationale for their strategy?

It’s simple, really. The left realizes there is such blind loyalty from Democrats that it won’t take much to get them to believe the worst about the other candidate. Their liberal smear machine has worked overtime on many great candidates. They did it with Herman Cain, they did it with Ron Paul, and they tried to do it against Donald Trump, but it didn’t work this time.

Their strategy has always been to get votes. This is why whenever one of their candidates says or does something much worse than one of their opponents, they simply ignore it.

Thankfully, this time the American public realized they deserved better than this disgusting spin. They realized they wanted true leadership this time, and that is why they nominated – and then elected – Donald J. Trump.

No, Trump isn’t perfect, but he is a man who truly does care about people. He isn’t going to just use empty words and empty promises like his predecessor, whose words back in 2008 were definitely deserving of plenty of outrage.

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