IMPEACH HIM NOW!! Obama Makes NASTY Move Against US Military

In a move during his waning days in office that is sure to leave a mark on the lives of every man and woman who serves – or have served – in the US military, President Obama has once again pushed to short change the men and women in uniform. His continued disrespect for the US military will cement his legacy as the most anti-military commander-in-chief in the history of our nation.

While the US House sought to provide a 2.1 percent cost of living increase for our military—a percentage increase in-line with the true cost of living—President Obama countered with a lesser amount for the third straight year. reports the Obama Administration is offering a sub-par increase of 1.6 percent, an amount less than the true cost of living adjustment.

Even as President Obama continues to put our brave men and women in harm’s way, he seeks to diminish their financial capabilities – and those of the families they leave to serve. A more despicable “parting gift” to the military has never been extended by a commander-in-chief.

The US Senate, reports, approved a fiscal 2017 defense authorization bill that also reduces housing allowances and affects changes to the military health care system. The vote was 85-13 in favor of the legislation, known as the National Defense Authorization Act.

The $602 billion piece of legislation would curb the military’s Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for new enlistees, beginning in 2018, by covering only what they pay in rent. This would leave the military member out-of-pocket for utilities and other costs related to housing.

The BAH realignment would also reduce the “combined value” of the benefits received by military couples or roommates. This means that not only would utilities not be covered, but there exists an outside chance that cohabitating military personnel would have to go in part out-of-pocket for housing expenses.

In late April, the House Armed Services Committee advanced legislation that would have ended the three-year slap in the face to military personnel. The original draft of the NDAA proposed a 2.1 percent cost of living increase that would have left the BAH as it was originally.

However, President Obama and his inner-circle of progressive military-haters responded with a counter-offer of a scant 1.6 percent. This represents a 0.5 percent deficit in the face of the true cost of living adjustment.

A brief examination of those who exist on disability from the military—those who have been injured in the service of our country to such an extent they can no longer ply their craft—reveals a person on 50 percent disability would receive a mere $18.18 a month more than last year. Someone receiving a 70 percent disability benefit would receive just $27 more per month, and someone on 100 percent disability (read: someone with a traumatic brain injury suffered in the heat of battle) would receive a paltry $50 extra each month.

This slap in the face comes as the Obama Administration forces the American taxpayers to flip the bill for over 10,000 Syrian refugees to be absorbed into our country. Only 32 of those refugees are actually persecuted Christian refugees, while the others are all Muslims abandoning the countries that allowed Islamofascists to rule.

How can a commander-in-chief abuse the men and women of the military in such an overt and heartless way and instead redistribute taxpayer monies better used to take care of our military sons and daughters to cowards fleeing the societal mess they allowed or even created?

The need for a president who once again respects our military is at an apex. Judging from Hillary Clinton’s abuse of the military in her past – and from the fact  she insists she would continue Barack Obama’s policies – she is not what the military needs. Maybe that’s why the military is breaking for Trump 2 to 1.

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