BOMBSHELL – WikiLeaks Turns on Obama, Exposes Nasty RACISM Like We All Suspected

A Wikileaks bombshell is revealing something but not about the future Trump administration. It is about the Obama cabinet instead.

A leaked email from Wikileaks shows that Obama’s 2008 cabinet choices were rife with corruption and racist tendencies. Predictably, we did not receive any type of coverage from the media whatsoever on this, and we are only hearing about it eight long years later.



Barack Obama’s past cabinet is now under increased scrutiny, and the main reason is the methodology he used for making some of these picks. So far, Donald Trump has based his cabinet picks on either loyalty, qualifications, or the “team of rivals” popularized by historians studying the Lincoln administration.

This wasn’t so with Obama. He made decisions based on “diversity” over qualifications. The 44th president actually received an email that contained a list of individuals who were categorized based on race, religion, and there was even one for disabled Americans.

So yes, this methodology by Obama was definitely racist. He was just trying to fill a quota and nothing more. Obama wasn’t looking at the person’s qualifications. Rather, he was just looking at their life situation.

If this were the scope of problems from Obama’s cabinet selections, it would be bad enough. However, there are other problems that illustrate how those criticizing Trump’s cabinet selections have no room to talk. Considering Trump’s desire is to “drain the swamp,” it is definitely something the liberal media need to take heed of.

Donald Trump’s cabinet selections are all his own, and, again, we can’t say that about Obama’s cabinet selections now. The reason is as simple as the heading on this leaked email. In actuality, the email came from a top official from Citi Bank. That’s right, one of those “too big to fail” banks was telling Obama who he should pick for his cabinet!

Those on the left are not very fast learners, that is certain. For one thing, they do not realize the reason for Donald Trump’s quick rise to prominence.

Trump was elected by an American public who were fed up with politics as usual. Liberals have a tendency to talk out of both sides of their mouth—in public, some of them will condemn corruption, but these private, hacked emails show their real beliefs and their true character.

Most new presidents (except for Obama of course!) will make their cabinet selections based on merit. So, in that vein, Donald Trump is doing exactly what he is supposed to do — we are proud of him, even after eight months in the White House.

The most crucial part of his goal to drain the swamp and make America great again has already been accomplished. Unlike Obama, he is not going to Wall Street to fill his cabinet.

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