BOMBSHELL – Days Before Leaving Office, Obama Pulls U.S. Military From…

In the last days before he leaves office, Barack Obama is doing everything he can to sabotage this country.

A new report shows that he is trying to weaken the US military presence overseas. The Dwight D. Eisenhower carrier group left its post in the Arabian Gulf and the Mediterranean on December 26 and will be back home December 30. However, the replacement ship, the George H. W. Bush, will not likely arrive to replace it until after January 20. (via Defense News)

The group had been carrying out missions against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. The standard procedure for these ships is for them to hand off duties to their replacement when they meet at the same location. However, the Dwight D. Eisenhower will have no friend to leave behind.

The George H. W. Bush has not even left its departure location in Norfolk, Virginia and likely will not leave harbor for its destination until after Trump takes office. This means there could be a gap of almost two months in this hotbed of terrorism where the Eisenhower was stationed.

With the new administration coming into power soon, analysts believe that terrorists or state agitators like Russia, China, North Korea, ISIS, or Iran may make military moves in the absence of American military power in the region.

Usually the only time there is a gap in carrier presence is when there are maintenance issues, a security issue in another region, or the ship is forced to leave late. In those gaps, the Pentagon will attempt to compensate for the lack of presence in the region with the Air Force or other forces. However, it appears they are not doing so in this situation.

This gap in carrier presence in the region is not a surprise based on when the replacement ship arrived at the port and when it would be scheduled to leave. The Bush carrier group took longer than expected to repair, which is a big reason for their departure delay.

It appears the military personnel who work on the carrier have had setbacks, layoffs, and funding issues which may be another reason for this gap. However, you would think that Obama would compensate for the lack of this carrier in the Arabian Gulf.

We also know that the group responsible for training the personnel on the Bush carrier group did not have a plan in place to deal with the short amount of time they would have to train their staff. It appears that the military has given little thought as to what was going to happen when this ship did not leave on time.

However, this would not be the first military vacuum created under the Obama administration. Obama withdrew from Iraq without a status of forces agreement or any remaining troops, which is largely the cause for why ISIS is what it is today.

It is possible, based on the large activity of terrorism in the region, that the withdrawal of this carrier and the subsequent gap of time until its replacement arrives will create another vacuum in which either a terrorist group or another state agitator will fill.

This is just one more example of what happens when you put an inexperienced senator into the presidency. I hope that Trump will issue an order as soon as he is inaugurated to send military presence to the region to fill the already weakened position that we have there.

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