BREAKING: Massive Obama Scandal Document Released, Democrats In Panic Mode


Democrats are quick to accuse Trump of crimes, yet have no idea how to respond to Obama’s criminal acts. They rely on ignoring his crimes in hopes they’ll go away and be forgotten. Not a chance.

All of a sudden, Democrats are able to pronounce “impeach” again, and they’re yelling it louder everyday. They willingly blinded themselves to Obama’s wrongdoings and never approached impeachment as an option. According to a shocking document released by WND, everything Trump is being accused of, Obama already did. Obama is the GUILTY one. It’s ridiculous to request impeachment of Trump while simultaneously defending Barack Obama’s eight years of criminal behavior.

Simple-minded liberals resort to hypocrisy and anecdotal evidence to defend America’s former demagogue. The United States is still suffering as a result of the narcissistic ill-will he imposed on the country. We finally have a man in office who’s getting things done and taking care of business. Liberals aren’t used to that. As a matter of fact, they’re threatened by it.

Who remembers Iran’s nuke deal? This deal was heavily pushed by the Obama administration without consulting the Senate. Talk about overstepping! Another scandal Democrats minimize is Hillary’s private email server. Barack Obama knew about her server the entire time, but proving Hillary guilty would criminalize Obama as well.

The Left is unwilling to acknowledge the horrors of Obama’s presidency. If they want to keep silent about it, fine, but they better keep their mouths shut about Trump. The disgusting behavior of the Obama administration was excused and defended during both served terms. It continues to be dismissed, but it can’t any longer.

Obama was responsible for the IRS’s severe targeting of conservatives. Back in 2010, it was made practically impossible for conservatives to apply for nonprofit status without being obnoxiously scrutinized. Democrats were never held to that standard. Did we also all of a sudden forget that Obama’s DOJ spied on Associated Press reporters? Shameful!

Its imperative that these criminal actions are talked about. Unfortunately, Liberals don’t possess the intellectual honesty to identify a true criminal. They had eight years to cry impeachment. The notion that they choose to do it now is absurd at best.

Donald Trump is picking up Obama’s slack and pushing orders that should’ve been pushed a long time ago. Our illegal immigration problem was created and encouraged by Barack Obama. Trump has had to clean up that mess and has fulfilled his promises in doing so.

In June of 2012, Barack Obama issued an executive order stating that illegal aliens who were brought to the U.S. before they turned 16 and who are younger than 30 do not have to face deportation. This insane ruling is responsible for the dangerous crimes perpetrated by illegals everyday.

Liberals need to sit down and shut up. We’re absolutely sick of their crybaby tactics.

Clearly, the Left’s impeachment rhetoric can’t be taken seriously when considering Obama’s eight years of total corruption. What a disgrace.

Barack H. Obama is GUILTY. He’s a criminal and a traitor. Should he be arrested? Let America know what you think!
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Our country finally has a chance at redemption thanks to Donald Trump. We can rise up from Obama’s purposeful shortcomings and “Make America Great Again.”

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