Obama Did THIS 75 Times Last Night. This Sums Up His Entire Presidency.

President Obama has always been self-centered, and he has never hesitated to toot his own horn and give himself props for his so-called “accomplishments.”

During his farewell address, Obama referred to himself 75 times. He even wrote a blog post about it and then did a promotional video to remind everyone about it, days beforehand, via the Daily Caller.

In his self-involved speech, Obama said the words, “I” 33 times, “my” 20 times, “me” 10 times, and “I’m” or “I’ve” 12 times.

With this speech, Obama solidified, to me, that he cares more about himself than he ever cared about the people of this nation.

It’s ironic that he mostly mentions himself because in his blog post promoting his farewell address, he pushed for Americans to listen to his words “because, for me, it’s always been about you.” Really, it’s always been about him!

This is not the first time Obama has made his speeches all about him—in July, in a speech that was supposed to focus on the police officers killed in Dallas, he mentioned himself a total of 45 times.

President Obama is the textbook definition of “narcissistic.” All he cares about is himself and furthering his own goals and agenda, but he doesn’t even try to give any effort to help the American people.

But he’s more than willing to say that he did and that he “did a good job” as president during these past eight years when, really, he has made things worse. Instead of admitting to his faults and his mistakes, however, he awards himself medals and pats himself on the back.

This is why the American people steered our nation strongly away from the Democrats during the last election—because of the poor job Obama did. He wanted Hillary Clinton to continue his “legacy” of disappointments and lies.

Some liberals are crying that Obama is leaving the White House, and it was appalling how social media flooded with goodbye posts for the outgoing president. But I and the rest of the American people with common sense are ready to smash the champagne bottle and cast him out to sea forever!

Obama is a self-centered president who cares more about the Muslim refugees and illegal immigrants than he does about the Americans he was supposed to lead; he has increased our debt and decreased our jobs, and he has ruined our economy.

These are not things Obama will admit to though, and liberals like to proclaim that he was “one of the best” leaders this country ever had, but I’m wondering what their basis of comparison is. From where I’m sitting, Obama has been one of the WORST presidents this country has ever seen.

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