WATCH: Shocking Object Just LIT UP California Sky… Americans Are In Massive Danger

A strange object was spotted streaking across the California sky. The expressions of awe from the crowd sound disturbing.

This was no meteor, as had been initially reported. Instead, Fox News reported that it was a Chinese CZ-7 rocket!

US Strategic Command spokesperson Julie Ziegenhorn did not answer Fox News’ question about whether the rocket posed a danger to the people on the ground.

She did, however, say that these rocket re-entries are often seen. She directed all further questions to the Chinese government.

Initially, the people at Nevada’s Nellis Air Force Base reported in July 2016 that the collection of flames spilling across the sky was a meteor breaking up as it entered the atmosphere.

The rocket had initially left the atmosphere, re-entered, and shattered into pieces. A meteor was a good assumption, as they behave similarly.

However, the people who recorded this event have no such technical knowledge. Without considering the rocket could be a hazard, they stood in awe at the sight, some even cheering.

Instead of assessing potential dangers or considering possible evacuation, spectators just assumed it was a meteor event. What if it had been a missile?

Perhaps this event from last year has even greater importance now, as China seems to be reconsidering how they want to approach their relationship with the US.  Could this have been a message from the nation that we are within their striking range?

China is perfectly capable of launching a rocket properly so that it doesn’t fall back to the Earth near our coast. We should be keeping a close eye on the signals China sends us, and be ready to respond appropriately.

Fortunately, President Trump has long had a focus on the dealings of the Chinese. He’s not going to start a conflict, but he won’t let them get away with anything just because they bluster.

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