WATCH: Oliver North Exposes Enemy Invasion That Obama Covered Up

Despite disagreements between President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the pair remain united in the fight to protect our border.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North appeared on Fox News to contextualize the great threat posed by the transnational gang, MS-13. North explained that Obama-era immigration policy allowed the brutal gang to grow. (via Fox News Insider)

“MS-13 is the ISIS, the Al Qaeda, the Taliban of the Western Hemisphere,” North said. He described the gang as a “brutal, vicious organization,” who regularly “torture, behead, murder, extort, terrorize, and they raise money the same way as ISIS with robbery, drugs and ransom.”

North offered this terrifying description of the international organization as Sessions meets with his counterpart in El Salvador to discuss eradicating the gang.

MS-13 was originally created in the aftermath of the Salvadoran Civil War of the late 1970s. After the war ended, many former soldiers illegally immigrated to Los Angeles and formed MS-13.

Last night, Trump also spoke out against the brutal gang during a speech in Long Island, NY. The president promised to work tirelessly to eradicate the violent street gang.

The president urged law enforcement officials not to be “too nice” while they find, arrest, deport, and jail the brutal thugs who have taken root in our cities.

North referred to the president’s speech as “spot on.” He further explained that MS-13 will continue to be a major problem in American cities because our border is “still too porous,” despite the immediate success of the Trump administration at reducing illegal border crossing.

Securing our border is the first step to ensuring the safety of our communities. The dangers of ISIS and Al Qaeda in the Middle East has allowed many of us to forget the dangers lurking in our own backyard. MS-13 is just as brutal as ISIS, but while ISIS kills in the name of their god, MS-13 kills for sport.

Unfortunately, merely deporting these violent thugs is not enough to stop the gang which has spread into multiple countries across the Americas.

This is why Sessions’ efforts in El Salvador are so important. We can only stop MS-13 if the gang members’ home countries are willing to work with us and jail these thugs for good.

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