BREAKING – Guess What Just Happened to 1 of Hillary’s Brain Doctors?

The plot thickens, fellow patriots. The mainstream media will, of course, ignore this potentially devastating Clinton scandal because it does not fit their Hillary love-fest and anti-Trump narrative. This story needs to be told and investigated!

Dr. Sandeep Sherlekar, the doctor who treated Hillary Clinton for a blood clot, has suddenly died. Could the “Clinton death toll” victims have increased by one?

According to a report by Awareness Act, first responders were dispatched to the American Spine Center where Dr. Sherlekar worked to respond to a call about an unresponsive male. Hillary’s blood clot doctor was pronounced dead later at the scene.

On June 30, Dr. Sherlekar was allegedly assisting Islamic neurosurgeon, Amjad Anaizi, remove a blood clot from Hillary Clinton’s brain.

Sgt. Andrew Alcorn, a Fredrick, Maryland police officer, said Dr. Sandeep Sherlekar “likely committed suicide.” Hillary’s doctor was found dead before the American Spine Center opened for business.

“There is video surveillance on the property, and we are reviewing that as well as employee access card swipe records,” Alcorn told the media. “We’re looking into every possible angle and avenue.”

The cause or manner of Dr. Skerlekar’s death has not yet been released to the public. Police officers reportedly did not see any signs of trauma caused by foul play at the scene.

“The American Spine family is deeply saddened to announce the sudden passing of our own Dr. Sandeep Sherlekar on Friday, September 30, 2016,” a statement by the medical facility read. “As a family, we are in a state of shock and grief. We ask that everyone please respect our desire for privacy at this time.”

Maryland police investigators are still attempting to determine what was going on at the center the day prior to yet another mysterious suicide. Dr. Sherlekar was reportedly “involved” in a federal indictment related to the handling of lab specimens.

Several doctors were reportedly indicted by the grand jury for referring urine specimens to a testing lab for evaluation and getting $1.37 million in return for their actions. The charges filed against the doctors involve allegedly conspiring to defraud the IRS, committing health care fraud, and making false statements on patient medical records.

Details about the nature of the federal indictment and the role Hillary’s doctor may have played in the legal matter are scant. Dr. Sandeep Sherlekar “was named” in the court matter, but police officials are not currently privy to or able to release any more details about the matter.

“He is involved in the federal investigation, I will say that, but I cannot say whether or not he was one of those five individuals named,” Sgt. Alcorn told the press. “We’re reaching out with our partners with the FBI to discuss with them possible connections to the indictment.”

Do you think the FBI and law enforcement investigators will be able to determine if Dr. Sherlekar’s connection to Hillary Clinton and her blood clot played a part in his alleged suicide? Will they tell us if they do?

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