WATCH: O’Reilly Exposes Sick Crime by Illegals, “I’ve Never Seen It In My 40 Years of Journalism.”

Bill O’Reilly, a legend of national media, has seen almost everything in his many years of journalism, but illegal immigrants, what they did, and what happened afterwards stunned even him.

On the O’Reilly Factor, the newscaster reported on the rape of a high school student in Maryland by two illegal immigrant teens. While sickening, this is not the worst part! ABC, NBC, CBS did not cover it on their nightly news broadcasts. CNN did not cover the Maryland story in primetime last night. Ditto MSNBC. That is beyond anything I have ever seen in my 40 years-plus of journalism. We all know why: illegal immigration is a political issue,” O’Reilly stated.

Because of the mainstream media and their biased reporting, the movement to allow sanctuary cities is running rampant.

The government’s control over the immigration policies and processes is slipping — all because the mainstream media pander to the sympathy liberals have for criminal aliens living in our country!

The liberally biased media refused to report on this heinous attack because it hurts their pro-illegal immigration narrative and the welcoming of refugees, who mean nothing but harm to this country and to its people.

However, rather than admit that, liberals are accusing President Trump of being a “racist” just because he has put a temporary ban in place on travelers from six Muslim-majority countries traveling to America, and because he is building a wall to stop the illegal immigration of individuals coming in through Mexico.

They can criticize it all they like, but strict measures ARE necessary. Because of Obama’s negligence, and his refusal to implement actual security measures to protect our borders, thousands of people have come into this country to commit crimes and take up space in jobs and welfare positions.

But, the liberals and the mainstream media couldn’t care less, and they purposely ignore anything negative regarding refugees or illegal immigrants. Well, the American people are sick and tired of it. And, clearly, so is Bill O’Reilly.

Even after 40 years in the media industry, he can still be shocked. Not by brutal attacks but by the actions of the corrupt mainstream media. They are trying to control the American people and our way of thinking, and enough is enough.

This is why we elected Donald Trump as the president of the United States: because he is willing and able to walk the hard line to protect the American people and our country. The liberals wonder why we want this ban and the wall. It’s not because of racism — it’s because we want to uphold the law and remain safe in our own country.

The time has come to start fighting for what we want in this country. We fought to elect Donald Trump, and we have to continue to fight to make sure that our laws are followed and that no other American is victim to rape and terrorist attacks. Support President Trump!

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