Colts Player Gives Kaepernick The Finger, Wears THIS to Honor Fallen Deputy

When Colin Kaepernick smugly and ignorantly took a knee in order to protest his country, many were disheartened. He had a lot of nerve showing such disrespect to our nation.

Luckily, not all NFL players feel the same way as this career backup. The Colts’ long snapper, Matt Overton, recently announced he will be wearing special shoes to honor fallen Indiana Sheriff’s Deputy Dennis Wallace, as per BlueLivesMatter. Overton’s father is in law enforcement.

You see, professional athletes have the nation’s attention and they realize it. What message they choose to send with their fame is entirely up to them. They could use it for good, or they could use it for bad.

Matt Overton is using his platform in the correct manner. Overton is realizing something that Kaepernick and other liberals are not.

If Colin gets his house broken into, who is he going to call? He’s a liberal, so he obviously doesn’t have a gun, so he will call the police and hope they have a good response time in order to help him. Heaven forbid if the intruder has a gun!

Of course, there are some who take Kaepernick’s stand to its inevitable conclusion. They actually want to abolish the police. They have some strange utopian ideals where they say that black people should have their “own means in the community” whatever that means.

See why Kaepernick’s protest was so bad? He was simply inciting violence against police officers, pure and simple.

See why Matt Overton is a much better role model? Law enforcement is a job that is much more difficult than being an NFL player and that is something Overton knows well considering he came from a law enforcement family.

Kaepernick, on the other hand, knows nothing of this. He only knows football plays and he is not even that good at that!

Young people, you need to look to players like Matt Overton, and stay away from the likes of those like Kaepernick! Overton has demonstrated he is a man worthy of your utmost respect.

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