ALERT: Poland’s PM Breaks Her Silence, Issues POWERFUL Pro-Trump Message to Europe

The Polish Prime Minister, Beata Szydlo, is a very powerful woman who has made some serious strides in her country — especially when it comes to giving the other EU leaders a good talking to!

According to Bizpac Review, she said that she WILL NOT end up “blackmailed” into accepting countless numbers of refugees into her country, especially when you take into consideration the tragedy that occurred in Manchester that ended in the deaths of 22 people. It sounds like Beata and Trump are on the SAME page!

Szydlo then went on an epic rant explaining why she was NOT going to let refugees pile up in her country, and that the EU leaders that are allowing this to happen are weak. These weak leaders are causing the death of the EU culture as it was previously known. They are systematically destroying it on a financial and social level as well. It is absolutely disgusting.

During her speech, one of the most memorable sections includes the lines, “If you cannot see that terrorism has the potential to hurt every country in Europe, and you think that Poland should not defend itself, you are going hand in hand with those who point this weapon against Europe, against all of us.”

She is 100 percent right. When other countries try to FORCE you to take people in, you run the risk of killing your people due to a SENSELESS terror attack.

If you are a country that is trying to force people to take in refugees, you are part of the problem, and may as well be helping them hold the weapon. We cannot allow other countries to bully people into taking all the refugees.

If you are taking back individuals who got deported, SURE, that makes sense. But if they think that you can just unload your refugees wherever, they are highly mistaken.

It is possible that after seeing how President Trump is handling things in the U.S. that the prime minister was inspired. If enough people stand up and say NO, we can eliminate this situation. These terror pushers have to listen.

We can attribute this problem to the way anyone who is “Left-leaning,” in the traditional sense, regardless of country of origin, for this behavior. The Left carries around this big moral card that they throw around as if it grants them real power. They think that they have the right to do ANYTHING because liberals always know best, right? Well, the liberals may be in for a rude awakening.

People are standing up for what is right on a daily basis. We all KNOW that the refugees breed the terrorists, and we simply cannot take on that risk. Poland should not be forced to take in people, either. Everyone around the world has witnessed the problems that terrorists cause, yet they welcome these people with open arms.

We need to step back and take a hard look at the world around us. The Left is trying to bully EVERYONE on a massive scale. We should consider ourselves lucky to have people like President Trump and Prime Minister Beata Szydlo in the world. The duo is working on making this world a better place.

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