Pollster Fixes ‘Error’ In Election Polls, Announces SHOCKING Results:

Recent polls have the mainstream media crowing with glee in that they show Donald Trump trailing Hillary Clinton by several percentage points. However, as I have explained before, pollsters can make their polls say just about anything they want.

One polling outfit that has hit the mark consistently since its inception is LongRoom.com. The reason its results are so accurate is it eliminates voter demographic bias inserted by other polling organizations. When this bias is corrected, the results don’t make the mainstream media of the pundit class very happy: Donald Trump is ahead.

In removing voter demographic bias, LongRoom.com has Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton by 0.6 percent, 43.4 to 42.8. That’s a far cry from Hillary being on top by 10 percentage points like NBC News or 15 percentage points like McClatchy/Marist.

In fact, LongRoom.com actually rates the biases of each major polling organization. This gives the consumer a “third eye” into the souls of ideological newsrooms and polling organizations.

Of the major news organizations, CBS News skews its polls to favor Hillary Clinton by 3.3 percent. USA Today skews to Clinton by 4.0 percent, ABC/Washington Post by 5.3 percent, and Ipsos/Reuters by 5.9 percent.

The two most skewed polls present as CNN, which skews to Clinton’s favor by 7.1 percent, and – stunningly – FOX News, which skews its results a whopping 9.2 percentage points toward Hillary Clinton.

The only major polling organizations that skew to the right – the only one – is Quinnipiac, and even then, it skews towards Donald Trump by just 0.4 percent.

Polls cans be manipulated through several avenues. They can be weighted in the questions thought wording bias, by over-sampling a preferred demographic, or by strategically weighting results.

LongRoom.com has been able to ferret out the bias by using the most current voting data from each state’s Secretary of State or Election Division. By law, this information is the most accurate there is.

Its voting data is constantly kept current by continuously incorporating the latest updates from each state as they become available. This means the polling analysis provided by LongRoom.com accurately reflects the actual voting demographics of each state, drilling down to each precinct in each county in each state.

So, in this election cycle – a cycle where the mainstream media is more interested in scoring ratings coups than in reporting accurate news – be careful whose polling data you consume. Just like anything else you “buy,” you must now shop and compare your news sources—including polling organizations.

Truth be told, it’s getting harder to be a forthright and conscientious America today given all the deception coming our way…and I’m not just talking about the deception coming from the Clinton campaign.

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