BREAKING: Pope Has Hilarious Question For Melania Trump, Her Response Is PERFECT

Before blessing her rosary beads, Pope Francis shared a lighthearted moment with the First Lady. The Pope asked Melania what she feeds her hulking 6′ 2” husband. “Potica?” he asked.

Melania’s face lit up, realizing the Holy Father was referencing a high-calorie dessert from her home country of Slovenia. She chuckled and replied “yes,” she does feed Donald the treat, cementing a new bond between the Trump family and the Papacy.

This wasn’t just a lighthearted attempt from the Pope to reach out to our administration. The Vatican reports that the Pope does genuinely love the dessert, and mentions it to any Slovenian he meets.

The Prime Minister of Slovenia, Miro Cerar, brought some potica to the Vatican with him on a visit, two years ago, beginning the Pope’s love of the treat. It must be some dessert!

Like many Slovenians, Melania Trump has revealed she is a Catholic. She also speaks Italian, which the Pope addressed her in, so the two had plenty to bond over.

Though the Pope has been outspoken on several liberal viewpoints, President Trump and his family were able to connect with him.

Truly, Trump is getting along with everyone, even his critics from the Vatican. This is a repeat performance of Trump’s excellent diplomacy elsewhere.

His promise to have a strong foreign policy has been kept. Those foolish liberals who thought Trump had too much “ego” to get along with others should see this incident as a sharp reminder that they were wrong. President Trump is a compassionate and friendly man.

He’s willing to use his casual nature to build bridges in foreign countries, while building the wall at home. You don’t have to choose between them, liberals! You can put Americans first while also building great relationships with the rest of the world, for America’s benefit.

Over the course of the next four years — and hopefully eight — Donald Trump is going to keep showing everyone how. And, what better support could we ask for our president to have than Melania Trump?

The First Lady continues to impress everyone with her social graces, patriotism, and love of her husband. If the left were truly feminist, they would be fawning over her adorable connection with the Pope, and the several other moments where Melania captured the rest of our country’s hearts. Now, she has captured the world’s.

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