JUST IN: Powerful Dem Convicted of FRAUD, Faces Life In Prison

The left embraces criminals. Every day, we see another liberal exposed as a criminal.

Dr. Melgen, a Florida eye doctor and Democrat contributor, was convicted of 67 counts of Medicare fraud stemming from a 2015 incitement; it was during this time that Dr. Melgen was also indicted for bribing Senator Robert Menendez (D-New Jersey). Senator Menendez is facing corruption charges. Dr. Melgen’s conviction will likely result in a conviction against Senator Menendez for bribery. (via Breitbart)

Patriots, this is not a surprise. ThelLeft is nourished by corruption and lies. They cannot govern without taking bribes. The mainstream media will not report on this story.

Why would they? The media and the Left are always working together. This case is just another example of leftist corruption. Thankfully, we have Donald Trump to drain the swamp.

The liberals blame conservatives for everything, but they refuse to admit to their crimes. They refuse to admit that there are criminals and thugs in their ranks. Of course, this is why the Democrats lose.

We need to purge Washington of corruption. These leftist thugs and their RINO counterparts have been harming our country for years. Why can’t we throw these un-American losers out when we kick all the illegals out of our great nation, too?

After eight years of Obama, the country is more susceptible to corruption. Thank goodness Hillary Clinton is not in office. If the Clinton family was in control, our country would have been doomed.

At least we have President Trump, who continues taking it to the establishment. With Trump in office, we will finally see justice. We will build the wall, and we will see term limits. These career politicians need to leave.

Obama made it too easy for criminals. The guy didn’t even prosecute drug dealers — he was too busy exposing our country to radical Islam and illegal immigration.

Because of Obama, we now have Sharia Law creeping into our great nation. Because of Obama, MS-13 is roaming the streets. Where is the accountability? We need to hold the former president accountable for his failed policies.

The mainstream media will bury this story. They cannot accept that their politicians are corrupt. They cannot accept that they have no policies. They are truly poisonous to our great nation, and it’s time we found an antidote.

We need to share this story. We need people to know that the left is corrupt. We cannot allow the liberals to gain seats in our Congress. We know what happens when liberals govern. We get a job-killing law, like Obamacare.

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