ALERT: Now We Know The 1 Powerful Order Trump Gave Staff Before Landing In Saudi Arabia

Trump is on his first world tour as our president. Liberals quivered in fear as he made his first stop. However, we patriots knew President Trump was going to do the right thing!

Before Trump’s plane landed, the president gave one strict order to everyone on board. My Right America featured a tweet by Steve Cortes, a Fox News reporter, that explained this one order. Trump said: “I catch ONE American bowing here, and you’re on the next Saudi flight home!” FLAWLESS. 

Watching President Trump come down from Air Force One was quite the sight to see. Instead of bowing, as Obama did in 2009, Trump introduced himself to the Saudi Arabian King with a powerful handshake. (via The Daily Mail). We were SO happy to see Trump greet the King in the proper AMERICAN way. We should NEVER bow to world leaders.

Back when Obama did it, there was some controversy from the Right. But instead of marching and burning down buildings the Right said, “Hey he shouldn’t be doing that. It makes us look bad and is against the OFFICIAL State Department policy.” That previous statement is what we would like to call a “factual argument” — liberals should try it sometime.

The Left either denied the bow happened or said it was a simple misunderstanding. Weird, because it should be one or the other. Plus you cannot reasonably DENY the bow. There is video evidence and pictures of former president Obama bowing down to the then-king. It’s as absurd as trying to deny that the sun rose from the East yesterday morning!

It should also be noted that Melania did not wear a headscarf on the Saudi Arabia visit either. The president and first lady were there for business, not to kowtow to the world leader.

Obama did an excellent job at kissing up to ANYONE who could cause him controversy. He would give OUR money openly to other countries — his bows were both physical and metaphorical.

You would have to admit that it is sickening, in the scheme of the world stage, to think that when BIG discussions were happening Obama was sitting in the back seat with his arms crossed so that he didn’t “bother” anyone. How did we ever survive eight years of an Obama presidency?

The best part of Trump’s recent trip is the way the Left was SO sure that the Saudi people would not be welcoming to the president. Imagine their surprise when Trump arrived to find a red carpet and a country overflowing with excitement to meet him. Liberals have to be furious about being wrong so many times. We’ll never get tired of WINNING this big.

If the Left would quit being disrespectful roadblocks, they might find that there is some common ground between them and our president. Instead, they are choosing to stand in our president’s way at every turn. It’s mind-boggling.

The Dems are going to discover that when you use that attitude with Trump, you are not going to be pleased. He is NOT Obama, and he will NOT be pushed around by ANYONE! This trip to Saudi Arabia is concrete proof of that, and we couldn’t be more proud.

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